Join Wallace & Gromit in The Big Fix Up!


Exciting news for our fans in the UK, US and Canada  - Shaun's pals Wallace & Gromit are inviting you to join The Big Fix Up, a first of its kind, story-driven experience that you can take part in at home via your smartphone or tablet!

To help you enjoy this new and exciting interactive experience, this article signposts you in the direction of information you might find useful...

Getting started

First up, you can download the app here. You might want to read a little bit more about The Big Fix Up, the story and the characters, too. In a nutshell, it's Wallace and Gromit's first augmented reality adventure, where you can follow a story on your mobile phone and interact with the characters as you become part of Wallace and Gromit's new company, Spick and Spanners. They are working to 'fix up' Bristol for a new character called Bernard Grubb who wants to become mayor of of the city! It's your job to build and fix contraptions so you can carry out a variety of fun challenges! 

All you need to take part is a mobile phone - read the Device Guide to check the requirements for iOS and Android phones. You'll also find help on checking what version your device runs on.

Where the app is currently available

You can take part in The Big Fix Up if you live in the UK, United States or Canada. The developers of The Big Fix up, Fictioneers, plan to roll out the app globally soon so make sure you're following Wallace & Gromit on social media where we'll be sharing all the latest news on the app.

What to do if you have a question about The Big Fix Up

There is lots of helpful information and tips on The Big Fix Up FAQs page - you can find out everything about using the AR aspects of the experience, different environments in the app and technical queries such as logging in on different devices, and connectivity and data usage. You might also like to follow the app creators on social media where you can ask questions and join conversations about The Big Fix Up:




Completing The Big Fix Up

From 18th January 2021, when the app launched, it takes around 28 days to reach the finale of The Big Fix Up. But don't worry if you didn't join on launch day - you can download the experience at any time. However, if you join after February 8th 2021, you'll experience the adventure in 'catch-up mode'. This means you'll be able to work through the story at your own pace.

We hope you enjoy it! 

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